Notar in Hannover-Mitte:  Inheritance and handover

Notarial services for your individual case - qualitative, fast and reliable, consulting included.

Services of the notary at a glance

The inheritance, arranged unequivocally und justly.

Together we ensure that, through clear and distinct statements your will is valid and that yout family is protected. The notarial will or the succession contract are the most efficient alternatives: a certificate of inheritance is not required and no additional costs arise. Adjustments are possible at any time. You can retain free access to your assets even after signing your will.
Legal transactions inter vivos are an alternative to the will. Retained rights (i.e. - rights of residence or care pledges) make an extensive provision in old age possible. When implemented precisely and in a timely manner, comprehensive usage rights or corporate solutions help to tax-optimize the transmission of larger real estate assets.