Notary in Central Hanover:  Starting a career - founding a business

When founding a new enterprise, perfect execution of all actions is essential.
Because your competition never sleeps.

That is why it is important to contemplate all requirements ahead of time to avoid mistakes: Which legal form is appropriate for your project? How does one structure the company's interests correctly? Does it make sense to define an "exit strategy" at the take-off? With an exact analysis of the project, the industry and the participants, we develop a viable structure, which will be implemented into  the drafting of your company contract.
Even if the company fails, we will assist you and answer your questions: How does a company failure affect family real estate, old-age provision or built-up assets? Through transfers, potential creditors can be denied access and your family is secured. By discerning the purpose of credit agreements, we can ensure that you do not have to take avoidable risks.

Dr. Urban & Emmerich

Rechtsanwälte & Notare

Bahnhofstraße 5 · D-30179 Hannover

Bahnhofstraße 5
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