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All right, you want to establish or make changes to an existing company.

Founding, sale and structuring of companies

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Step by step

If the goal is a notarized deed of incorporation or a deed expressing changes to an existing company, we always prepare your project with a draft. You will receive the draft completely formulated from us by e-mail or mail. As a rule, you will receive the draft one day after we have received all the information. Attention! Depending on the degree of complexity or the number of people involved, the preparation time may be longer; feel free to ask directly for the lead time if your project seems time-critical.
If it is just a matter of changes that do not need to be notarized, but only filed with the commercial register - such as the registration or deletion of managing directors - you can make an appointment directly when we have all the documents and information.
Either way, we need information about the company, especially about the shareholders and their participation, as well as whether and where the company can be found in the commercial register. Often, the information from the identity card and details of the registry court and the company are sufficient at first.

We do not want to keep you waiting! And yet: Good preparation always pays off!

Until the notarization

We want you to be able to close promptly and do everything we can to make that happen. We use the time until notarization to put the contract text into final form. Our staff will contact you if there is anything that needs to be clarified. Do you have any change requests or comments? Your employee is there for you!
Often tax aspects have to be taken into account. If you have tax advice, it helps if you contact your tax advisor directly. We will be happy to discuss the details directly with your advisors. For more complex projects, we recommend a preliminary discussion, to which we would be happy to invite you.

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Companies must comply with special information requirements in addition to the register information we obtain. We will guide you, but it won't work without your input.

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Signed and then

If everything is done with the notarization - wonderful. If the deed has to be fulfilled, we will do it!

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We have prepared some questions for you, whose answers will set your project on the right track.

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