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All right, you want to buy a house or a developed or undeveloped plot of land.

Buying a house

This way! We provide an overview and then you can start right away:

We need two things to create an initial draft purchase agreement.

Step by Step

The goal is a notarized purchase contract, which we always prepare with a draft. You will receive the draft completely formulated from us by e-mail or mail; your bank will also ask for it. First of all, we need information about the object of purchase, i.e. where the object is listed in the land register and how high the purchase price is. In addition, we need to know which persons are involved as buyer and seller; the information from the identity card is sufficient for the time being. As a rule, you will receive the draft one day after we have received all the information.

We do not want to keep you waiting! And yet: Good preparation always pays off!

Until the notarization

We want you to be able to close promptly and do everything we can to make that happen. We use the time until notarization to put the contract text into final form. Our staff will contact you if there is anything that needs to be clarified. Do you have any change requests or comments? Your employee is there for you!

Often the purchase price is financed by a bank, which requires collateral on the object of purchase. You will receive documents from the bank after the loan agreement has been signed. If you submit them to us in time, we can take care of everything in one appointment and you save time.

Occasionally shifting down a gear to avoid being slowed down....


If you buy as a private person from an entrepreneur, we may not certify until 14 days after the draft has been sent. This is required by consumer protection. We cannot avoid this; please allow for it!

Companies must comply with special information requirements in addition to the register information we obtain. We will guide you, but we can't do it without your input.

If the heirs sell, the land register often has to be corrected. If minors or guardians are involved, approvals must be obtained from the court. In these cases, the rule is: give us a hint right from the start - only then can we relieve you of work and avoid delays.

After the notarization date is before the fulfillment!

Signed and then

It is not sufficient that the purchase agreement is notarized. The deed must be finalized. We take care of that!

We release the purchase price for payment and take care of the land register, so that you can fully concentrate on the handover.

Attention! The purchase of a property should in many cases be secured with further measures such as wills or powers of attorney. Please contact us!

a brief interview makes it possible

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We have prepared some questions for you, the answers to which will set your project on its way. You can answer the questions directly on the screen via a simple input and then send them to us. We will then get started immediately and get back to you!

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