Notar in Hannover-Mitte:  Transactions

All right, you want to sell or acquire a property or business.


This way! We provide an overview and then you can start right away:

We accompany your transaction project from the very beginning and coordinate closely with your advisors

Step by step

The goal is a notarized real estate or corporate transaction. You will receive the draft formulated and adapted by us, regardless of whether we prepare the draft contract or it has been negotiated in detail in advance by your lawyers and tax advisors.

For the notarization, we flexibly adjust to you, the facts of the case and the participants of the notarization - especially if it may take longer.

A good preparation always pays off!

Until the notarization

We want you to be able to close promptly and do everything we can to make that happen. We use the time until notarization to put the contract text into final form. We work proactively and network closely with all parties involved.

Knowing industries and recognizing focal points - Done deal!


Across industries, transaction business knew only one direction in terms of number, frequency, volume and speed, despite steadily increasing regulation. But even in phases of increasing uncertainty and volatility, opportunities present themselves. Practitioners know: Everything must be in place when the ink is dry.

If tax or regulatory aspects need to be taken into account, we will work with your advisors here as well. In the case of complex projects, we recommend a preliminary discussion in an extended group, to which we are happy to extend an invitation.

Companies must comply with special information requirements in addition to the register information that we procure. We will guide you, but it will not work without your input.

After the certification date
is before the fulfillment!

Signed and then

It is often not enough for the transaction to be notarized. The deed must be fulfilled. We take over this, as far as it is required or desired.

Caution. Transactions should in many cases be secured with further measures such as wills or powers of attorney. Please contact us!



We have prepared some questions for you, whose answers will set your project on the right track.

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