Notar in Hannover-Mitte:  Testament

All right, you want to make a will or settle the circumstances as a whole together with a partner.

Last will and testamentary contract

This way! We provide an overview and then you can start right away:

A testament is all about trust. And about getting to know each other.

Step by step

The most important thing first! If you own real estate or have an interest in a company, a notarized will always makes sense - age is secondary! With the will you avoid sharp pitfalls and create flexibility and freedom; life can come!
To plan properly, we need to talk to each other, make an appointment. If you want to inform us in advance, all the better. We prepare the notarization with a draft, which you receive completely formulated from us by eMail or mail. Give us a few days for this.

We do not want to keep you waiting and know that you want to finish! That is more than o.k.

Until the notarization

We want you to be able to close promptly and do everything we can to make that happen. We use the time until notarization to put the text of the deed into final form. Our staff will contact you if there is anything that needs to be clarified. Do you have any requests for changes or comments? Your employee is there for you!

If tax aspects need to be taken into account, we will work together with your advisor. We will be happy to discuss the details directly. In the case of more complex projects, we recommend a preliminary discussion in an extended group, to which we invite you.

Really think of everything and everyone!


It cannot be said often enough; we can only include in our planning what we know. Openness is the trump card. Trust us and you will receive solid regulations.

When to adjust.

Signed and then

Very little is for eternity - even wills have to be reviewed at some point: Do they still express what is really intended? Rule of thumb: Whenever your life changes dramatically, we should sit down together.

a brief interview makes it possible

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We have prepared some questions for you, the answers to which will set your project on its way. You can answer the questions directly on the screen via a simple input and then send them to us. We will then get started immediately and get back to you!

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We have prepared some questions for you, whose answers will set your project on the right track.

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