Notar in Hannover-Mitte:  Service fees

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Notary services at a glance

The fees are governed by the Court and Notaries Fees Act (GNotKG) and are uniformly defined for all notaries; diverging agreements contradict legal regulations.

The details can be taken from the schedule of fees (Gebührentabelle) which forms an annex to the GNotKG.
The amount of the fee is generally not determined by the time required, but by the  value of transaction. The value of transaction is determined in the initial meeting and follows legal requirements. In general, this means that notarial services are often particularly favorably priced by way of comparison. Notably, subsequent costs, i.e. Courts fees, may not accrue. Higher fees arise when i.e. exclusive, high-priced properties or valuable investments are sold. The higher fees are a result of the increased economic responsibility and thus the increased liability risk of the notary.
We will be glad to supply you an estimate of your individual fees.