Notar in Hannover-Mitte:  About us

Preserve and evolve -
The notary, consultation included.

Notary services at a glance

Decentralized, independent and unbiased.

Notaries in Germany make an important contribution where direct access to a government service is indispensable for private individuals and companies. Real estate, companies, as well as formative inheritance and family law determine the core area of our activity.

Through the notary, processes are accelerated. Costs remain within limits or are even considerably reduced.

The notary is not an invention of recent history; on the contrary. The notary and his deeds are deeply rooted in German-speaking law. The practice is older than the Civil Code, and studies show that the notary is competitive by international standards.

And yet, we are evolving. We are leading the way in digitalization, and international transactions are now more the norm than ever. This brings advantages for all parties involved. We are not losing sight of the risks; we are shaping them.


The partners

Dr. Markus Urban

In every composition it is important to me that
matters are understood. That's why I don't just
want to pick you up, I want to carry you along.

Diana Emmerich

Von den Grundlagen bis zur Nische –
ohne Präzision ist alles nichts.
Das habe ich immer gelebt und so arbeite ich.